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How to clean airpod case?

    AirPods  is one of the most selling Apple products and undoubtedly a big hit for many reasons. Some of the reasons are seamless integration with other Apple devices, convenience, and it comes with a great charging case. And when a product is that good, it is used more often, which means a build-up of earwax, gunk, and dirt. But fortunately, cleaning the AirPods and the AirPod case is very easy; follow along to know how you can clean your AirPod case.

    The maximum portion of AirPods is white, which means you can easily spot dirt on it. The outside of the case can be easily wiped clean, and the outside of the earbuds too. But the black speaker grilles and the inside of the case is often neglected where definitely a good amount of build-up is happening, which is not good for your AirPods if you want them to last longer.

    Your Apple AirPods come in contact with dust, dirt, and wax regularly, which makes your expensive earbuds and their case look worn out and ragged. If you don’t clean your AirPods regularly, what will happen? Not only will your AirPod case look grimy, but the wax build-up in the earbuds and the gunk build-up in the inside of the case will affect largely on its performance.

    To maintain the superior quality of your AirPods and ensure that the charging case works properly, you should regularly clean your AirPod case and buds. By keeping it clean, you can increase the life expectancy of your AirPods. So read ahead and follow the given steps.

    Cleaning Your AirPods

    We all have faced this problem while using AirPod or a Bluetooth accessory or any other wireless earpiece; however, clean your ear, maybe, it’ll always leave behind wax residue on the earbuds. You cannot wash them, because that can cause damage. And cleaning incorrectly will do more harm than good and can cause irreparable damage to censors and electronic components.

    Things to do while cleaning your AirPods

    • You should first clean the visible lint, wax, and build-up on the outer covering and casing using a dry microfibre cloth.
    • Clean the ear wax build-up before it passes through the black mesh. Use a clean toothpick to clear the black region of censors and audio output. If you have sticky or wet ear wax, then clean your earbuds more often.
    • You can use a very small amount of rubbing alcohol to clean the outer covering very well. But avoid excessive moisture. If you have an eyeglass cleaning solution or wipes, that is an even better option. It doesn’t contain much alcohol, which decreases the risk of damage.

    Things not to do while cleaning your AirPods

    • You should avoid these at all costs – water, sprays, and sanitizer gels. These have a lot of moisture, and they don’t dry quickly, which will leave permanent damage on your AirPods.
    • Don’t use your AirPods immediately after coming from a swim or after a shower. The moisture in your ears can cause damage to the inner working of the buds.

    How to Clean Your AirPods Pro

    The AirPods Pro has one extra piece, which is the silicone on the earpiece. This is the part you need to clean differently if you have the AirPods Pro. The silicone component can be easily removed, and you can clean this piece separately. You can use a soap and water mixture and gently clean off the dirt and wax from the silicone. After you have cleaned it, make sure to completely dry it off before attaching it back to the earpiece. Make sure it is properly attached to the device.

    How to Clean your AirPods Case

    airpod case

    Your AirPods will only work when they are charged. And to make sure they are charging well, you need to make sure that the charging case is working well. That’s why it is important to make the case clean. If your case is not clean, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria developed because of wax build-up and moisture.

    Just as it is important to keep the earpiece clean, it is also important to clean your AirPods case. Think of all the places you keep your AirPods case in – backpacks, purses, and pockets. So naturally, the exterior of the case gets in contact with debris and dust, which will eventually get inside the lid and affect the USB-C lightning port.

    Things to do while cleaning your AirPods Case

    • You can use a soft dry brush or a clean microfiber cloth to dust the lightning port, the interior area, and the inside of the lid.
    • If required, take a very small amount of rubbing alcohol onto a swab or dry cloth and remove scuffs and stains on the outside of the case.
    • For the interior, use a dry cotton swab and wipe the elements inside the case. Tip your AirPods case upside down, this way, you’ll get a little help from gravity.
    • Keep your case in clean places, preferable in small pockets instead of letting it sit in the bottom of your briefcase or purse.
    • You can also buy a cover for your AirPods case.

    Things not to do while cleaning your AirPods Case

    • Avoid keeping your AirPods case in moisture and avoid letting moisture get inside. For instance, don’t wear them during the rain.
    • Don’t put anything abrasive or sharp into the lightning port.

    Is it hygienic to share your AirPods?

    It is most definitely not hygienic to share your AirPods, and here are a few risks that you should know about:

    • Bacteria and germs can get transferred to them.
    • Similarly, when you wear the AirPods after sharing them with someone, their germs are shared with you.
    • This can cause infections or even some reactions.

    If you plan to share AirPods with someone, make sure you clean the product before you give it to someone and then also clean it before you wear it after you receive it back. Wiping down after a spritz of rubbing alcohol or an eyeglass cleaner will decrease the spreading of bacteria and germs.