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5 minute tasks to keep your house clean

    Your home is your refuge after a hectic day. You unwind yourselves after a hectic day at school or work when you come back home. You will want a home that is welcoming and not dirty and killing the relaxing mood. Scattered paper bits, unkempt beds, unclean toilets, dishes to clean in the sink are more irritating than helpful.

    But your home need not be the way it is- dirty and messy. When you change a few of your habits, you also change your house’s overall energy, turning it from a house filled with negative energy due to the huge mess present, into a positive one with everything neat, clean, and arranged.

    With today’s hectic schedule, you may not have time to do everything to keep your house clean. Instead, you can focus on a few high-priority tasks that go a long way in keeping your home clean and uplifting the house’s overall positive energy and aura. You can do some five-minute tasks to clean your house, which will give you a sense of relief from the cleaning and a dopamine boost for the sense of satisfaction.

    Cleaning and clearing the dishwasher and sink

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    There is nothing messier in a house than a messy sink or dishwasher filled with dirty plates and cutlery. You may feel that it takes almost forever to clean the dishes. Contrary to what you believe, it does not take that long.

    The best way to get over with the dishes is to get over with the dishes. It would be best to unload the dishes in the dishwasher, reload it with dishes in the sink, the counter, or anywhere else in the house. If you have some time left, you could give the dishes a good scrub after the dishes are loaded in the dishwasher. Though you may not be able to clean all the dishes in five minutes, you can clear a significant portion of your sink. Nothing adds more cleanliness to a house than a clean, empty sink and well-arranged dishes.

    Wipe down trash cans

    trash can

    A dirty, smelly dustbin in the kitchen or the bathroom overflowing with waste is an unpleasant sight in any house. A five-minute session is all it takes to clear out the kitchen and bathroom waste and clean the trash cans themselves. Clean trash cans make the house clean, and they do not smell either.

    Do Laundry

    Laundry is the let’s-do-it-later list of things in every home. What you do not know is that you can throw a load of clothes in the washing machine, fold the dried clothes from the previous day, and put the folded clothes away.

    Clean Floors

    Spots and stains on the floor and carpet create a terrible impression about your house. Therefore, you have to take five minutes of your time to clean your hard surface flooring like wood, tile and laminate. It would help if you gave greater attention to your kitchen and the doorway as these are most likely places in your house to get dirty. This is especially true in winter, where you have to move around the house with boots filled with mud, snow and ice. Doing a spot-clean whenever possible keeps a day of complete mopping away.

    Dust things off

    Dust in your house is a sign that you have not cleaned your home in a while. It can get messy, stick on your clothes and other belongings, and even harm your health. You can take five minutes to dust your house with a good quality duster. You can start from the most-frequented areas of your house like the doorway, living room, kitchen and bathroom and then proceed to the home office and bedrooms if you have the time. While dusting things off, you can also take out things that you will most likely not use any time soon and put them away.

    Clean the Bathroom and Toilet


    Nothing throws off you and your guests more than a dirty toilet and bathroom. A dusty, water-stained bathroom is not a good impression maker for any house. Therefore, you must clean it regularly. You can clean your toilets with a toilet cleaner, let the solution sit for some time and then flush the toilet. You can clean the rest of the bathroom in the meantime starting with your bathtub. Indeed, you cannot clean your bathroom and toilet in five minutes, but you should at least try to clean the toilet and sink in the time frame.

    Throw out old food from the refrigerator

    You keep your food in the refrigerator in hopes of eating it later. However, the food may have turned stale when you come to take it next. Moreover, the stale food gives out a foul odor that affects the other food and the smell of the entire refrigerator. Accidental science experiments involving the refrigerator and gross smells make the kitchen dirty.

    You must take five minutes to look through your refrigerator and take out whatever unnecessary in it. The most likely targets will be old jars of juice, pickles and sauce, items with expiration dates already up and old takeout containers. By clearing your refrigerator out, your kitchen will smell nice, and your family will be healthier.

    Make Beds

    It is a simple five-second task that most of us do not do. “Neat” beds make for “neat” houses. It sends signals that you have begun your day on the right note and that you are moving on with it. A well-kept bed stands out even if the bedroom is messy. You must take no more than five minutes to keep your beds neat.

    Clean up Pet Hair

    Having a pet is a stress buster and works wonders for someone with a hectic schedule. However, a house covered with pet hair is an immediate sign that the pet owner is not regularly cleaning their home. You should spend five minutes looking out for tufts of pet hair in your house or below the curtains of your window if you have pets in your home. You may find pet hair that you never found there. Using a quality pet hair remover makes this five-minute task easier.

    Spot clean walls and cabinets

    A house looks dirty when the walls and cabinets are grimy and messy. You must spend a five-minute session cleaning the walls and cabinets of your home with a damp cloth. However, you should try the wet cloth on a small surface to see if it affects the paint or finish.

    Therefore, these five-minute tasks go a long way in keeping your home clean and uplift your mood. You can also hire professional services for faster and to ensure a clean house. You can visit House Cleaning in Woodinville and receive more than satisfactory cleaning services.