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5 Home Improvements Tips for 2023

    Homes are a reflection of the people who live in them. That old cliché is more valid than you imagine. If you think about it, you aren’t the same person you were ten years ago. Your lifestyle, habits, hairstyle, status, and tastes would obviously have changed, but does that resonate in the place you live in? Are you still stuck with a 90’s style kitchen with outdated appliances, an over-crowded living room, and tacky old flooring? Sure, there are things you’re attached to and perhaps mirror certain core aspects of your personality. All they need is re-purposing or a makeover. These 5 Home Improvements Tips for 2023 will help you make the most of renovating and refurbishing your home.

    Why You Need Home Improvements

    Real estate gurus predict that the market will boom in 2023, and improvements can boost your chances of clearing a tidy sum. If you’ve lived in a home for more than five years, there are likely things you want to be changed in it. Often, we put off making these changes for financial reasons. Or we may simply not have the time to organize large-scale refurbishments. Home improvement projects are notorious for being on everyone’s bucket list but making them happen another ball game altogether.

    Value add: Though there’s no real guarantee about how much value add you get from home improvements, it’s a fact that you will attract more buyers and will usually make a profitable deal. Renovating is a great investment if you rent or sell your property soon. Studies show that you could expect a 60% increase in value from the right remodeling.

    Curb appeal: Apart from the financial boost, home improvements can enhance the beauty of your property. A fresh coat of paint, a garden makeover, new doors for the garage, and perhaps a new roof make your home a landmark in the neighborhood.

    Add usable space: The pandemic has increased the need for finding innovative ways of sharing your home with family members. Each member needs personal space as her family grows and spends more time at home. You can create spaces from lofts, basements, extensions, over-the-garage builds, patios, and more.

    Safety: Keeping occupants safe is a top priority. Remodeling your home can help you take stock of your home’s safety hazards. Protect your family from slip and fall injuries, falling objects, fire, toxic fumes, poor ventilation, allergies, and diseases by timely renovation. Older structures may contain asbestos, damaged pipes, crumbling masonry work, and more. You can put in more “green” concepts too.

    Comfort: Houses may be designed for younger or older buyers or built in a previous era. They may lack modern conveniences. Home improvement is the key to comfort if your lifestyle has changed, your family has expanded or shrunk, or there are new health issues to be addressed. You can transform a former heritage home, preserve the important elements, and still enjoy modern comforts such as temperature control, kitchens and washrooms, and more.

    Whatever your reasons for taking on a home improvement task, it’s important to ensure that you work to a plan. This project has to be systematically charted out in terms of time, budget, and materials. You may be a DIY enthusiast and enjoy doing some of the work. However, it’s wise to consult a professional construction expert for major remodeling work.

    5 Home Improvements Tips for 2023

    Home improvement ideas for 2023 would be based on the current scenario, your unique needs, and global materials, technology, and innovation trends.

    1. Multi-Tasking: The pandemic has brought new ways of sharing space with your family. Your home needs to have work and study spaces for everyone. Multifunctional rooms have caught on in a big way. Zoom meets, work-from-home, online classes, and shopping are the rule today. A larger, open kitchen with enough power outlets, ergonomic seating, and comfortable work areas will align with the changed work-life requirements in 2023. You can carve out a home office from your bedroom, add a home gym in your living room, and an outdoor kitchen on your patio. Add a kitchen island where kids can do their homework while you cook. With more people at home, they may have different timings and food preferences. Add an extra microwave or mini-fridge for stress-free times.

    2. Appliance Upgrade: A great home improvement idea that will make your life more comfortable is to dump old appliances and replace them with modern ones. Newer colors, energy-efficient options, and safer and more green technologies can significantly impact your health and well-being. Your HVAC system may need to be upgraded to ensure you breathe fresh, clean air.

    3. More outdoor space: Whether you live in a tiny apartment or a million-dollar mansion, outdoor space is a precious commodity. Most people feel more energized, happier, and relaxed if they can view a patch of green grass, listen to bird songs, and breathe fresh air. Outdoor space will be an important design trend for home improvement in 2023. Balcony or terrace gardens, growing herbs, cooking outdoors with friends and family, yoga, Tai Chi, and walking will be much more valued this year. Your home improvement project could include installing a hot tub or pool, a new deck, an indoor spa, an outdoor fire pit, or a kitchen. You can check with your local city or county fire department to ensure that you comply with regulations before you start this particular home improvement project.

    4. Extensions: Many homeowners plan to build extensions, accessory dwelling units, or “in-law suites” in 2023. Multi-generational living spaces have become the trend following the Covid-19 crisis. Taking care of your loved ones and ensuring they’re safe and comfortable has created the need for shared living spaces. You can convert an existing garage or summer house. Add modern flooring, more natural light to save electricity, and state-of-the-art appliances for more comfort.

    5. Storage is a top priority when more people share the living space. Built-in storage is a huge trend this year and seems to be here to stay. It helps to keep your stuff together, neat, and organized while ensuring that the place is tidy and clean. Work with a professional designer to carve out storage space in your foyer, porch, lofts, under the beds, basement, kitchen, washrooms, and patio. Opt for covered storage rather than open shelving.

    Final Word

    Not all home improvement projects add value to your property, so invest wisely with an eye on the future. Super luxury fittings, bold and bright colors on paint and tiles, quirky conversions, upgrades that surpass what’s common in the neighborhood, Olympic-sized swimming pools, and gold faucets in the bathroom may look and feel great. Still, they’re not to everyone’s taste. Focus on what your family needs, with an eye for innovation, energy-savings, and comfort, without blindly following a trend.