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2021 Cleaning Goals

    Why is it that we all want a clean house but hate it when it comes to cleaning? Well that’s only because we’ve been doing it wrong all these years. Cleaning isn’t that difficult if you do it the right way in a time-efficient manner. And the only way to manage your time is to make a schedule and take things in an order. Follow this ultimate guide to prepare the checklist to set your 2021 cleaning goals.

    How you keep your house is a representation of what your personality is like. Psychology suggests that a messy house depicts that you’re stressed, lazy or disorganized.  It also represents that you lack motivation and time-management skills. You seriously wouldn’t wanna leave that kind of an impression on your guests. A clean house represents the concern and thoughtfulness of the people who live in it. Thoroughly organized houses demonstrate that the inhabitants pay great attention to detail and discipline. Both of which are absolutely praise-worthy traits. Let’s get down to some cleaning business.

    Move the Furniture and Clean Underneath

    It’s difficult but doable. Once or twice a year, gather some extra help from family (or friends) to move your furniture for a deep cleaning session. While most people believe this sort of clean up is unnecessary and one should only wipe off visible dirt, cleaning professionals condemn this belief. Deep cleaning helps prolong the life of your furniture (literally). It also reduces the risk of bacteria and germs. Lastly, deep cleaning is mentally pleasing and helps deal with stress and anxiety!

    Don’t Forget the Carpets and the Upholstery

    The carpets and the upholstery make half of your home, how can one not clean them? We’ll tell you how. Carpet cleaning requires ample amount of time, effort and manpower. All of which are enough to discourage one from doing so. But, cleaning the carpets and upholstery once or twice a year is not only essential but necessary. These items give way to everyday human (or pet) traffic. They get soiled pretty easily and retain bacteria. For a sparkly looking house, you’ll need sparkly looking carpets and upholstery. Make time for cleaning these before you get down to cleaning anything else.

    The Whole Purpose of Education is to Turn Mirrors into Windows

    Contrary to what’s stated above, the purpose of cleaning is to turn windows into mirrors. Windows should be shiny enough to let the passers-by take a look at themselves in them. They also give a fresh and crisp look to the exterior of the house. Luckily, cleaning windows is also simple and fun! All you need is some paper towels or lint-free micro-fiber cloth and some glass cleaning detergent spray and you’re good to go.

    Is Your Kitchen As Fabulous As Your Cooking?

    cleaners cleaning kitchen

    Nope, we’re not talking about the everyday post-dinner clean up. When was the last time you cleaned the stove top or the inside of the oven? Professionals on the course suggest cleaning kitchen appliances like the fridge and oven every 3 months and the stove top after every use. Even so, most people are least likely to do it even once a year. So, if you want to conquer the deep clean-up grind, you might as well take kitchen appliances into consideration. A dirty kitchen will repel you away and consequently, you’ll adopt the unhealthy habit of frequently dining out. Save yourself by saving the kitchen first.

    Organized People Are Just Too Lazy to Look for Things

    You don’t know how much you own until you start organizing. Its fun, productive, mentally alleviating and oh so lovely! You’ll find all your lost clothes and surprisingly even the socks that you’ve been losing your whole life. Psychologists suggest that organizing helps with focusing better and reducing mental health problems. Research depicts that people who are fond of organizing have good social skills and improved relationships. What better incentive do you need to start organizing? Start small by placing stationary in cups and holders and then move onto shelving. Make use of old shoe boxes and other cartons. Once you start, you’ll know that you’ve been missing out on a lot.

    Let There Be Light

    Who knew cleaning light fixtures could be DIY-ed! Cleaning light fixtures is somewhat more complex and time consuming than regular cleanup objectives. Doing it every few months is highly endorsed since grimy fixtures don’t render the same amount of light even when they consume the same amount of energy. All you need is a cleaning buddy, a step-ladder, some towels and detergent and voila! You’re good to go. You’ll also need to dedicate an entire day to the process to delicately manage the bulbs and other accessories. The outcome is always worth it!

    Don’t Eat If You Can’t Wash the Dishes

    On a lighter note, this year’s resolution is to wash the dishes after every use to avoid a horrifying pile of unwashed dishes. It’s not that hard when you do one dish at a time rather than the whole pile. It’s also mentally relieving and we couldn’t agree more. I mean how many hours a day do we spend stressing about the sink being full of unwashed dishes?

    Sweep Everyday and Mop Weekly

    Young housekeeper cleaning floor mobbing holding mop and plastic bucket with brushes, gloves and detergents in the leaving room house floor helping his wife

    Good housekeeping is to sweep every day, only that’ll ensure a spotless clean house. Thankfully, it’s also a very good way to remain fit when you have no time to hit the gym. Even if you don’t reside in a dusty region, dust and dirt make their way into the house through shoes and pets. Sweeping everyday or on alternative days could help you skip some monthly deep cleaning sessions. It’s also a very healthy habit to adopt.


    Cleaning is always great for the house and most importantly, your health. Not only does it please you emotionally but helps you excel in skills like time management, detail orientation, problem identification and resolution and so much more. Besides that, a clean house represents a wonderful image for the people living in it.