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10 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Home

    If you plan to get a jump start on your spring cleaning, there’s no need to wait until the calendar tells you it’s spring. Who says you can’t deep clean your home at the tail end of winter? You and your family are stuck indoors anyway, so why not make the most of this time? When the sun comes out, you won’t get any help from your partner or your kids, which means the entire spring cleaning load falls on you. The other option is to outsource it to a professional cleaning service. And there’s no doubt that there are some great ones out there. But if you’d like to DIY this project, here are our experts’ 10 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Home.

    When Should You Start Spring Cleaning?

    Calendar-wise, the first day of spring is March 20. Do you want to wait till then or get a head start? The choice is yours.

    You may wonder why you need to spend one full day (or more) cleaning when you already clean your home every day. You have a daily cleaning routine and are reasonably confident that your living spaces are hygienic, fresh, and orderly. But when spring comes around, something urges you to open those windows wide, pick up a mop, wash out the patio, and more!

    There’s certainly much to be said for sweet-smelling rooms, freshly laundered curtains, and a pristine bathroom and kitchen. You can finally stow away your duvets and comforters and put those bulky coats and boots into storage for the next winter.

    Traditionally, spring cleaning meant one or two entire days spent cleaning. But you can break it up into smaller chunks to align with your busy schedule.

    Look for dry weather before you plan. Cleaning windows means you have to open them. If it’s snowing or raining, you won’t get much done. So Rule #1 is to check the weather report.

    Consult others in the home before you plan. This would make it easier on everyone in case they have plans, the kids have a test coming up, or someone has a dentist’s appointment.

    Another important point to keep in mind is your own schedule. Plan for spring cleaning when you have a relatively larger block of time. It’s difficult to predict exactly how long the cleaning will take if you do it all yourself. Don’t stress yourself out with cleaning when you have a presentation to make or an important meeting to prepare for.

    Tell your friends, neighbors, and family about your plans so that they know you can’t be disturbed unless it’s an emergency.

    If you want to add your garden to the list of places to clean, talk to a professional gardener. Some beneficial insects, such as bees and other pollinators, may still be wintering inside dry leaves and plants. Removing these too early in spring would create an imbalance in your garden’s ecosystem.

    10 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Home

    Now that you’re clued in on time and duration make a plan and stick to it. If this is your first spring cleaning, you may want to talk to someone who’s done it several times over to avoid wasting time and effort. Wear comfortable old clothes, shoes, and protective gear such as gloves and a mask.

    1. Stock up on Supplies: Once you have your plan in place, with dates and times, and have assigned jobs to others who share your home, you need to gather your supplies. Throw away old, chemical-based cleaners, worn-out sponges, brushes, and scrubbers. Check your vacuum cleaner and replace paper bags if you need to. Spring also brings “spring fever” allergies, so discard products that have fragrances, irritants, and other compounds that may irritate humans and pets.

    2. Room-Wise: When making your plan, create a room-wise checklist of cleaning tasks. If some areas have been cleaned frequently/regularly/recently, avoid going over them again. You may have neglected some areas of the home in winter, so focus on these. Clean from room to room so that you get at least a few rooms completely done at the end of the day.

    3. De-Clutter: Before you start, tidy up. This is a good time to hang your comforters, blankets, and duvets out in the sun if it’s a sunny day. Place large baskets or caddies in every room and toss things that don’t belong there or that you want to throw away/donate. You can plan a yard sale later or give the stuff to a shelter.

    4. Prep for the season: The idea behind spring cleaning is to prepare your home for the coming season. Stow away winter clothes, and change your draperies, sheets, and heavy blankets after vacuuming or cleaning them. Take out the light florals and summery styles in clothing, accessories, and shoes and arrange them in your closet.

    5. Go Green: Opt for all-natural cleaning products and equipment this year. You can make your own non-hazardous cleaners from stuff you have in your kitchen. Vinegar, baking soda, lime juice, and borax are some great options for toxic chemicals. Steam cleaners do a great job and save effort and time.

    6. Method prevents Madness: Work from the top down in every room, not in random circles or swirls. Use your vacuum cleaner’s extended hose to remove dust and cobwebs from ceilings and upper shelves. A damp microfiber cloth or glove is great for wiping down walls and windows. Once all the dust is on the ground, it’s easy to vacuum it up.

    7. Air Fresh: Your HVAC and furnace filters need to be cleaned or replaced after the long winter. If someone in the home suffers from allergies, investing in an air purifier is a good time.

    8. Protect yourself: Ensure you wear good quality gloves and a mask when working. Wear loose, comfortable clothes and an apron with pockets to hold small tools. Your footwear should be strong and well-fitting to prevent slip and fall accidents.

    9. Re-Decorate: Spring is a great time to bring fresh color palettes into your home. Choose bright cushions and throws, and buy fresh flowers and colorful fruit to decorate your living room and kitchen. New table linen and cotton rugs brighten up your dining room. Pack your Xmas decorations and store them for next year.

    10. Focus on the Big Picture: While the routine tasks need attention too, don’t let them distract you while spring cleaning. Order take-out meals, switch off your phone and TV, and park laundry chores till you’re done.

    Final Thoughts

    Spring cleaning is a yearly ritual that gives you a sense of relief and comfort to chase away winter blues. The key to successful cleaning is planning and strategy. Involve the whole family so that there’s a sense of sharing and camaraderie. If it’s all too much for you, call in the professionals!