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10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

    When it is time to move out of your rented house, you must clean and leave it in the same condition you found it when you moved in. Lease agreements usually make the tenant responsible for maintaining the house in good condition, and this includes its cleanliness. In some situations, you only get back your deposit from the landlord when the house is in the expected condition.

    On the other hand, landlords can take up the cleaning when tenants leave to elevate the look and value of the house for potential new tenants. The truth is that most people will judge a house first by how clean and tidy it appears. Everyone considers a well-maintained house because it assures them that everything else, including appliances and fixtures, works just as efficiently as it looks. As a landlord, you can turn away tenants simply by not paying attention to how clean your property is.

    Why do you need an End of Tenancy Cleaning Service?

    Whereas your landlord may not demand that you have the house professionally cleaned, and it is possible to do the end of tenancy cleaning by yourself, it can be taxing when you have no time to clean or when the area is too large and too dirty for you to deal with successfully. Whether you are a tenant moving out and need help with the end of tenancy cleaning, or you are a landlord preparing a property for new tenants, are so many reasons why you should consider professional cleaning services.

    1. You get your full holding deposit back

    As a tenant required to leave everything like you found it to get your deposit back, hiring professional end of tenancy cleaning services ensures you do just that. As long as you have fixed everything else, you can be sure to get the deposit back. The good thing about cleaning services is that they are affordable; even if you pay for them, they are still worth it.

    2. You get your property nice and ready effortlessly

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    As a landlord, you know the longer a house stays without tenants, the more you lose out on your income. With the end of tenancy cleaning services, you will lift the look of the house and have it looking and smelling great ready for the next tenant. The cleaners ensure that all rooms, including the bathrooms and toilets, are spotless and look as good as new to impress your potential tenants. A clean house will be off the market in no time at all.

    3. It saves you time

    Moving out can be hectic, even if you are just moving a few miles away. There is so much to do that the thought of going back to deep clean the entire house can be overwhelming. Hiring professional cleaners saves the time you would have otherwise used cleaning up. You can even have them start the cleaning as you empty the rooms so that it is quick and effective. Nothing is more relaxing than organizing your new house and knowing that the old one is being taken care of in terms of cleaning.

    4. The services are all-round

    When thinking about the end of tenancy cleaning, most people think of floors and walls. However, deep cleaning takes involves so much more than just the floors and walls. For instance, you have to think about having that wall-to-wall carpet deeply cleaned, the toilet bowls scrubbed to remove stains, and upholstered furniture thoroughly cleaned. They are cleaning tasks that mostly require special cleaning products and equipment that you may not have. When you hire a professional cleaner, all the tasks are handled on your behalf and in the right way, for that matter.

    5. You get an experienced team you can fully trust

    Professional cleaners are trained and experienced in what they do. Apart from knowing what products are safe and effective for what items and surfaces, they know the exact cleaning technique to achieve the desired results. The cleaners also work in teams, with every person assigned specific duties; hence the work gets done quickly and easily.

    6. They are well equipped

    If you were to handle all the cleaning yourself, it would mean getting all the necessary cleaning supplies to get the job done. But when you hire cleaners, this is something you don’t have to think about when because cleaning services are inclusive of all necessary cleaning products and equipment.

    7. They eliminate the chances of accidents

    This is because the cleaners are well trained and understand the dangers that come with some of the cleaning services. They have all the right tools, such as ladders and lifts to get to those hard to clean areas, and protective gear, such as gloves, goggles, and masks, to keep them safe even when dealing with cleaning products that trigger different reactions. You will be more at peace when you have professionals handling the cleaning than if your family and friends were helping out.

    8. The services are affordable

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    Apart from being thorough, cleaning services from professionals are also quite affordable, considering the time and effort they would have otherwise demanded from you. Your work is simply looking for a service provider you can trust, agreeing on the prices, and having the cleaning started.

    9. The services are readily available

    As cleaning becomes more and more of an impossible task for people with busy schedules, more and more cleaning companies have emerged. Cleaning services are now more readily available no matter where you are located. Finding a cleaning company you can trust with your end of tenancy cleaning is easy, and the competition among the companies also translates into better prices for the same high quality results.

    10. The services are comprehensive

    Professional cleaners don’t only have the right cleaning products and equipment but also use techniques that are most suitable for different areas and cleaning challenges. You can therefore rest easy knowing that everything will be clean in no time, sometime even no drying time will be required depending on the techniques used. So when you hire cleaning services, be sure that everything that needs to be done will be done!